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Dear future mom,  how many times have you heard negative stories about other women’s birth experiences?  Your mother, your aunt, your sister, your girlfriend! Everyone has a horror story to share about giving birth!  The result is that you convince yourself that birth is associated with excruciating pain.  What a false belief! What a disastrous belief! Disastrous for yourself and the little angel that you’ll bring to this world.  Fear makes your body become tense which then prohibits it from performing a normal physiological function. And then pain. And more pain. And the pain starts to get unbearable. And stress. And anxiety. Giving birth turns into a long nightmare. And then, the knife intervention!  Why should it be like that? Giving birth should be a pleasant process. The most beautiful process in this life. Your body is naturally designed to give birth. Do I have to say that? Isn’t that obvious? Now, do you think that it’s only you that you suffer? Do you think that a such a painful process affects only you?  NO!  All this anxiety and fear pass on to your little angel. A newborn infant may later display a variety of long-term effects as older children, including an altered response to pain and an exaggerated physiological response to stress, new research shows. I’m not here to freak you out even more. No.  I’m here to explain the way to avoid all this.  I will show you that there is a secret to a calm and effortless birth without any problems. That’s hypnobirthing.  Hypnobirthing will enable you to work with your body, which as I said is naturally designed to give birth.  It will release your fear and negativity and replace it with calm confidence, so you can enjoy this amazing experience of not only giving birth but the whole pregnancy experience.  I will teach you how to  experience less pain feel more confident learn how to breath the right way visualise enter into self-hypnosis You will also get access to a new chapter with easy tips so you are in control throughout your pregnancy.  And if you live in UK, I will direct you to the right specialists where you can attend the right classes.  A last word. I will say it for the third time.  Your body is designed to give a calm, natural birth. You don’t have to put any effort. You have to just relax and enjoy it.  This is a book for you and all the future moms.  With love,  Dr. Melissa Keane  

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    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121050613
    • ISBN:  9781386276135

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