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Sexual Relationship and Love life are aspects of human experiences which need to be understudied and mastered to overcome the challenges that befall many. As the emotions get heightened, a lot of irrational or unguided decisions may be taken when not properly checked. Some decisions taken by many may not go well in the long run. The excitement of been in a sexual relationship goes sour to many overtime and hence, some get heart broken or merely fall out looking for new grounds to express themselves with similar mistakes repeating themselves, sometimes in different forms. There are lessons to learn from such experiences in other to progress into a better relationship, however, the need to be enlightened on this is very essential.         Every human have a sexual nature but expressed differently but at the core of this is the main issue of attraction. What attracts a gender to another which later translates into sexual relationship is very important for human to understudy to avoid misuse. Love is the most precious step towards realizing a blissful sexual relationship but what is the right expression of Love remain an issue to many. Enlightenment guides an Individual into how Love can be truly expressed before a Relationship with another gender to whom sexual relationship is desired of. Not confusing Love with infatuations or lust. The circumstances around the start of a relationship affects how relationship fares. This book guides the reader on the main issues which relates to the right expression of Love life and how to translate this to a blissful sexual relationship that can be sustained. This book should be studied without any bias and preconceived opinion should be revaluated in the light of this work. The aim of this work is to help many achieve noble intentions in their Love Life as well as Sexual Relationships. I believe most sincerely that this will help many overcome failed relationships and keep the tide of their relationship on a sustainable bliss with joy, or excitement that seem eternal or over a life time.   

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Brazil
    • Código de Barras:  2001083240411
    • ISBN:  1230000882309

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