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On the next day, Granny and boys rushed towards the London Eye. Although cunningly planned to the last detail, the trip ended as nobody had intended. The life, as usual, had interfered with unexpected events. Yet Syrk is not the boy who would come to terms with any failure. He will pull out from any misfortune. Just watch him on the way to his greatness. Whats more, he is going to invite everybody to achieve this goal. During reading these books, you will grow your self-esteem, become aware that every moment of life with smile radiates sunshine to others. This is how to tighten family relationships and increase interpersonal skills backed up by pure intentions. Syrk remembers to share every useful advice with others, even at the moment of his personal distress. Books are motivational, creative; will pick you up instantly into higher vibration and mood. Pictures of Orbs and poetical inspiration bring for kids New Spirituality; increase inner light, awareness of angelic help available at every moment (thats true, Granny was able to thread the needle at first attempt without light at night, after successful sequence during afternoon and dusk). Our books guide you to spiritual life based on ethics & morals, acceptable by every religion; the Author intends to create one family on Earth, as everyone is equal a spark/part/cell of Gods ONE Body. Everyone is equal but before birth has chosen unique soul path; only there one can be truly happy and radiate joy. London, the City od Angels and Olympics will assure correct pattern of thinking and childs development. However, there is no illusion that life is easy, unless you take it easy by being able to transform every adversity into something beneficial. You may notice Bes and Syrk, even Granny the Angel, giving tips on denial, ego . . ., but at the same time, they all become victims of these human vices. The latter will always glide onto yur path as inseparable part of human growth. To notice these foibles and sins, you will have to try to be aware of them relentlessly, you will need to learn to be detached and watch yourself from higher perspective. And you need to learn to listen to your inner Self, to Angels, to your intuition and more then often you will need to invest Faith into the scene, but with practise you will learn when and how to discern. Books will also soar your spirit into higher frequency, whatever your age, as somebody said on - it will pick you up instantly. These nonfiction, Self-Help books can be safely used as a tool for Personal Growth, as they are influenced by the wisdom of two Bibles: The Holy Bible and Christ Consciousness. The latter is a simplified version of A Course in Miracles the modern Bible dictated telepathically by Jesus to a Professor of Michigan University.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: United States
    • Código de Barras:  2020100535583
    • ISBN:  9781466915985

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