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If motherhood is a sorority, then pregnancy is its nine-month hazing ritual. Weight gain, mood swings, unfashionable clothes: You need a good sense of humor to get through it all, even if you are the dad! Now there's a great book to help you laugh—and sing—about all the embarrassing inconveniences leading up to the blessed event. Maternity the Musical! is a hilarious songbook of parody lyrics to favorite tunes, all about the true sighs and highs of pregnancy. Maternity the Musical! covers all of the ups and downs of pregnancy, from weird cravings and Lamaze class to the plethora of pregnancy advice and impossible-to-assemble baby equipment. Experienced mothers and mothers-to-be will be rolling on the floor with laughter and recognition at lyrics like these, sung to the tune of "The Hokey Pokey": You take a short breath in, You let a short breath out, Because your lungs are squished, And you're stuffy in your snout. You eat because you're starving, And then you feel too full, You can't get comfortable! Maternity the Musical! is a riotous pregnancy sing-along sure to induce laughs (if not labor!) and be the hit of any baby shower.

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