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“The ABCs…” covers the eternally popular topic, women’s frustrations with men. When I found myself going through “the worst break up ever” I took a trip to Barnes and Noble and bought any relationship book that I could get my hands on. The ones that I sought most solace in and that gave me the most sense of ease were light, funny, and articulate. I liked the feeling that I was having a conversation with a friend who had been through the same experience, as opposed to being told how to behave by an authority figure who seemingly believed that the situation could be remedied by a behavioral modification. More specifically, that I was the one who needed to modify my behavior. In that state I certainly didn’t want to be told what I had done wrong, I simply wanted the comfort of knowing that others had been through what I had, that I would most certainly survive, and maybe, just maybe, there was hope for the future. I have done considerable research and found that women, not just myself, prefer to read books written by somebody who can identify personally, and is able to portray that in a casual and witty format; not by a licensed therapist who uses scientific reasoning as a attempt to explain every thought that passes through our heads. Women want true stories, not opinions! A - Athletics (Why women should not compromise themselves for their partner’s love of extracurricular sports.) B - Breaking Up (The basic rules of going through a break up.) C - The Chase (A little game of cat and mouse never hurt a relationship.) D - Deadbeats (Simple indicators in relationships that describe the typical deadbeat.) E - Excuses (The man that has an excuse for everything is one to be avoided.) F - Fighting (Fighting has many implications for relationships; some good, some bad.) G - Girlfriends (How to decipher between the “girl friend opinion, and the “good friend” opinion.) H - Honeymoon (The first 6 months of bliss can be extremely deceiving when life gets real.) I - Infidelity (Cheating; acknowledging and accepting the red flags.) J - Job (A basic equation: how driven he is in a career = how driven he will be in a long term relationship.) K - Kids (The big decision: to have or not to have, the compromise, and whether or not a child is a marriage saver.) L - Lazy (‘Nuff said.) M - Mystery (The perks of keeping some of the cards to yourself.) N - Narcissism (It’s not all about him.) O - Oven Mitt (We will settle for an oven mitt that “just works”, but are we settling for a relationship that “just works”?) P - Period Panties (Letting in men on our dirty little secret.) Q - Quiz (How asking a thousand questions can cause more chaos and craziness than there needs to be.) R - Realization (When we finally come to the realization that the relationship may be over, no matter who made the call.) S - Sex (The sex life is a secret window into the inner workings of a relationship.) T - Tequila (Alcohol… Can we drink together? There are clues in the booze.) U - Uterus (Why our uterus wears the pants in a relationship.) V - Victim (I am woman, hear me roar.) W - Waiting (Oh, I didn’t realize this was on YOUR time!) X – X-girlfriends (The past is in the past, and why it should stay there.) Y - Yearning (Going all in too soon to escape the loneliness.) Z - Zingara (The bed hopping gypsy; how did this happen?) Through each chapter I chronicle the story of my sister in law, “Jennifer”, and her husband, “Chad.” As a couple they have been married for 12 years, and unbeknownst to them, have served as my primary inspiration to write this book. The relationship is a real life example of the “A,B, C’s… at work.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2013
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001120922379
    • ISBN:  9781301186532

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