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Get Out of Your Own Way - Rescue Your Relationship From Your Own Wrong BeliefsWhat If Your Own Beliefs Are Destroying Your Relationship? What If All You Need To Do To Rescue Your Relationship Is To Quickly Change Those Beliefs?In Book 1 of The Bikini Relationship Rescue series, Peta Jane Kayes discloses the five damaging beliefs that were having a devastating effect on her own marriage, and most likely are affecting your relationship. She outlines in meticulous detail why these beliefs are robbing your relationship of the joy and intrigue it should have and how to rid yourself of them.This book will turn a lot of what you think about relationships inside-out. The end result is a different approach to your relationship and more joy in your life.Kayes delves deeply in five specific areas affecting how we approach our relationships and comes away with eye-opening revelations that will leave you absolutely committed to changing how you approach your own relationship.Do you believe the joy you want to experience in your relationship will largely depend on how your partner behaves? - You are wrong.Do you take for granted the need for every-day emotional and physical intimacy? - You absolutely should not.Do you believe holding back in your relationship is the best defense against hurt and disappointment and is what will bring you security? - You are wrong.Do you believe if your ego is satisfied and is happy then you too will be satisfied and be happy? - You are wrong.Do you think you are your relationship and your relationship is you? - You are wrong.Correcting these erroneous beliefs lays the groundwork for the complete transformation you will experience in book 2 of the Bikini Relationship Rescue series. This short read will compel you to cast off these notions so that you can begin the wonderful work of transforming your relationship into an intriguing, joyous every-day experience for you and your partner.If you really desire to have a relationship, a marriage that is joyous and a wonderful place to be, then Book 1 of the series gets you on track.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001027941671
    • ISBN:  9781311515735

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