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Why can you never stop eating, you have already doubled in weight, it ruins your health and your social life now, you already know that it has to do with your attitude towards food and eating, but you do not know exactly how to control it, how to improve your behavior, and how to control yourself! What can you do? Why exactly are you incapable to control your abnormal sexual behavior? You always promise yourself and those in cause to put a stop to it, to change your attitude, but when the time comes, you simply run out of control and you just can’t stop it! Why? What can you do? Why can’t you just start studying or cleaning the house whenever you want to, but there is always something stopping you, keeping you in front of your TV or chatting with your friends, while you always have something more important to do? Why can’t you just turn off your computer and put a stop to your videogames? You have been playing them for years, you did nothing this whole time, but you just cannot stop! It is even worse when you get in the wrong side of things in real life, when you commit real crimes, because those acts are hard to control indeed, along with all decisions, attitudes, and thoughts behind them! How can you change these attitudes? There are attitudes even harder to control, making you drink, smoke, gamble, take drugs, and be violent, you experience them all, and you cannot stop it! The drives and urges pushing you towards or away from your everyday activities are your attitudes. It happens that your attitudes may be your priceless little helpers throughout life, or they may become your horrible monsters, controlling you entirely, twisting your thinking and behavior, while destroying your life and the life of your loved ones in the process. Living alongside your subconscious mind and its multitude of attitudes is like engaging in a lifelong journey alongside a complete stranger with the strength of a tank and the mind of a child, and with no knowledge whatsoever of laws, moral codes, pain and suffering, or common beliefs! You may keep this monster happy the whole times, ending up with a rather dull experience, you may overstress and upset him in any way through any uncommon wish or desire that you may have and do, turning him against you, causing you to lose everything, harming yourself and those around you in every possible way, or you may nourish him, teach him, help him develop, and in turn he will do just the same for you! The problem is that nobody ever tells you that you have such an extraordinary intelligence accompanying you closely throughout life, but they all tell you that you are always alone and able to drive and control your entire mind and body very easily! You do so and you end up upsetting and harming your subconscious intelligence with all its armies of attitudes, they all force you and attack you now in every way possible, you lose control over your mind and body, you have no idea of what is going on, and if you end up taking medicine for all these, the game over! This book explains how and why your attitudes control your behavior closely and with what results, how they manage to get control of your reasoning, what to do in order to get back in control of yourself, and how to get back your life the way it was, before it is not too late!

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020105114561
    • ISBN:  9781310706714

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