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I am a professor of psychology specializing in abnormal psychology. Additionally, I am a practicing psychotherapist. Over the years I realized the most frequently asked questions about psychiatric illness focused on anxiety. Specifically, anxiety associated with phobias. Practically everyone is afraid of something or someone. Whether it is spiders, bridges, schools, doctors, etc., most people seem to have one or more fears which impact their lives on some level. It was that realization that brought me to write The Phobia Quiz Book. When I arrived at the notion of introducing The Phobia Quiz Book to the public I immediately had a dilemma; how could I educate about the various phobias in an interesting and entertaining manner. This would be a problem. Make no mistake, there is nothing funny about being phobic. For many, phobias can be debilitating and life threatening. So, it is not my goal to make fun of anyone with a phobia. Rather, I want to introduce you to all of the phobias of which the psychiatric community is aware. Additionally, you will learn the fear associated with the specific phobia. To accomplish this I have provided you with a straight forward test with 3 questions on each page. Use reasoning and deduction along with your Latin skills to choose the right answer. Start at the beginning or simply turn to any page in the book. Read the name of the phobia on the page. Some of them can be a little difficult to pronounce. Take the time to learn to pronounce them properly. Once you have mastered the enunciation of the phobia presented on the page, read the three possible answers. Select one of the answers by putting a check mark in the box provided next to the answer or write your answer on a piece of paper. After selecting an answer you can either go to the next phobia or read the correct answer on the back of each page. When you have completed the book, count your correct answers. There is no score. You can decide your own proficiency based on the phobia questions.

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