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Professionally converted for accurate e-book format reproduction, this important Religious Support Field Manual (FM 1-5/FM 16-1, newest 2003 edition) is the authoritative guide to the missions, roles, responsibilities, and duties the Chaplain Corps must execute to deliver comprehensive religious support.The Chaplain Corps is the Army s primary agency for practically ensuring the free exercise of religion for America s soldiers. This responsibility also applies to the Chaplain Corps religious support to Army family members, Department of Army (DA) civilians, and other authorized personnel. The Chaplain Corps ensures free exercise of religion by executing the command religious programs of Army commanders. FM 1-05 establishes the Army s definitive doctrine for the execution of comprehensive religious support across the full spectrum of operations. It is founded upon the Army s operational doctrine articulated in FM 3-0 and FM 101-5 and other supporting documents. FM 1-05 is compatible with the joint religious support doctrine contained in JP 1-05. This doctrine pronounces that the personal delivery of religious support is the primary focus of the Chaplain Corps and places greater emphasis on the chaplain s role as an advisor to the commander. It takes into account emerging technology, possesses a broader focus on religious support at echelons above brigade, and speaks clearly to the interface between religious support operations and civil military operations.FM 1-05 provides guidance to commanders at all echelons responsible for providing command religious support programs to their units and organizations, as well as, to Chaplains, Chaplain Assistants and other personnel responsible to plan, prepare, and provide religious support to The Army. RELIGIOUS SUPPORT FUNDAMENTALS * Historical Foundations * The Chaplain s Authority for Ministry * Religious Support Mission * Religious Support Functions * Roles and Responsibilities * Organization * Providing Unit Religious Support * Summary * Resources * RELIGIOUS SUPPORT ENVIRONMENT * Religious Support and the Threat Environment * Force Projection * Levels of Military Actions * Decisive Full Spectrum Operations * UNIT MINISTRY TEAM OPERATIONS * General Religious Support Planning, Preparation, Coordination and Execution * Overview * Religious Support Planning for Force Projection * Battlefield Transition Planning and Execution * Installation Religious Support * BATTALION, SQUADRON, BRIGADE, REGIMENT AND GROUP RELIGIOUS * SUPPORT OPERATION * Tactical Echelon Description * Fundamentals of Religious Support Operations * Role of the Battalion/Squadron Unit Ministry Team and Section * Role of the Brigade Unit Ministry Team * Operations Planning and Preparation for Unit Ministry Teams * Developing Priorities for the Task Force Unit Ministry Team * Writing Religious Support Appendix * Brigade * Situational Awareness * Offense * Religious Support of Defensive Operations * Other Brigade and Below Units and Special Religious Support Considerations * DIVISION UNIT MINISTRY TEAM RELIGIOUS SUPPORT * Tactical Echelon Description * Fundamentals of Religious Support Operations * Role of the Division Unit Ministry Team * CORPS/ECHELONS ABOVE CORPS RELIGIOUS SUPPORT OPERATIONS * Operational Echelon Description * Fundamentals of Religious Support Operations * Religious Support in Rear Areas * Special Religious Support Requirements in Rear Areas * Reconstitution and Redeployment * Theater Religious Support * Additional Corps/Echelons above Corps Religious Plan Requirements * Role of the Corps/Echelon above Corps Unit Ministry Teams * Garrison Operations * INSTALLATION UNIT

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    • Formato:  ePub
    • Subtítulo:  SUPPORT FIELD MANUAL FM 1-05 / 16-1 - CHAPLAIN
    • Origem:  IMPORTADO
    • Editora: KOBO EDITIONS
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    • Ano de Edição: 2011
    • Ano:  2015
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    • ISBN:  9781458112972

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