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They always tell us in church – don’t ask what “God” is. The Papal position is that we shouldn’t try to look into the mind or the workings of God. Well; I inadvertently met what we call God a few times – so I wanted to know. What I found out through my own near death experiences, independent research, and through the practice of advanced free-style meditation – should blow your mind a little if you have occasionally contemplated your navel regarding these subjects. It also made me reconsider the information in ancient texts and bibles, as well as the new age books on the subject of Transcendence and Near Death Experiences. I figured I had a real advantage to separate the bull pucky from the truth – on the basis of my experiences. Having had experienced these phenomenon for myself first hand – I found I could tell which were accurate and which were made up. I could easily discern who had an actual experience, and who had not; given my own experiences as a reference. I’m not suggesting these experiences are identical; just that certain earmarks were to be found in the accurate ones. Then; I could explore the differences in the details for information - accurate information. Some of the information I found was complete malarkey, and I am sure it was made up to bolster egos and sell books and courses. Other books I could easily tell; were written by other versions of me, who actually experienced genuine Transcendence. Given this gift of knowledge and experience - I feel obligated to share what I learned with you, for reasons which will take the bulk of this book to explain. I plan on spending some time debunking the notion that our Bibles (pick one) are not full of Esoteric Pagan concepts. I do indeed have more than a few “don’t ask questions” for those who are not spiritually fearful and fainthearted. Good questions which I have no intention of taking credit for – because they should be considered all of our questions. There are many questions which are taboo in organized religion and dogmatic science. A person owes it to themselves to spend a certain amount of time independently exploring such considerations – this being the age of reason and such. I found that if I used that list of don’t ask questions as a dirty laundry list to get to the truth – you get results. First off; we always have a missing “first action.” Life and reality are much like a firemen’s bucket brigade. We can always find our way through science back to the source of the first bucket – so to speak. We can almost always follow the flow of buckets right back to the first bucket – which always “just appears.” This simple yet deep analogy applies to our universe, the stars and planets, the introduction of biology, atomic sub-structure, and our conscious existence. The “First Cause” as it is called, eludes academics no matter which subject you pick –there is a consistently missing first bucket. Maybe, just maybe – what we call God is the first cause. This applies to the very building blocks of our reality – atoms. The atoms of which our reality is constructed – are all but non-existent! An atom is 99.99999999% empty space! This gets glossed over; but science has a hard time explaining why things seem solid and have mass. There is nothing solid about atoms – and the activity is the only explanation for the mass. This reality is not what it seems Biologically; the “don’t ask questions” revolve around the same problem. What came first the chicken or the egg? Did a seed initially propagate a plant – or did a plant initially drop a seed? How did life start? Why did it start? Why is the “First Cause” or the “first bucket” always a mystery? If you think science has evolved beyond these questions – give your head a shake – and do a little research. These questions remain largely unsolved.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
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    • ISBN:  9781310392467

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