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    In the book, God and His Coexistent Relations to the Universe, the author is rejecting the universe that Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein have accepted for a long period. To replace this old universe, an improved universe appeared from the thoughts of Confucius, Anaxagoras, Plato, and Jesus, who taught the death of our sun in Ch. 24 of Matthew. Unfortunately, this teaching by Jesus was quieted for fifteen centuries by Irenaeus, until Copernicus stood up and said that earth is not the center of the universe. So, an improved universe was becoming very interesting to many scientists.. This improved universe of Copernicus would expand when Kepler found that our sun has a system of eight precise planets. Slowly, the improved universe would become very clear when Leibniz found the immortal human souls and when Galileo found the bodies are made by these immortal souls. In 1766, Ben Franklin went to Germany in order to learn the immortal souls of Leibniz. In the next ten years, Americans would separate America from England, which still accepts the old universe. After this separation, more discoveries would come to the USA from German and Chinese thoughts. For example, Riemann would tell the world that the relationships of bodies in the universe can be determined only by our senses and measurements. With Riemanns statement, the author concluded that God is always active. The author also found that God and the bodies in the universe come together with co-existent concepts. With these advances, the author rejects the old universe and says that the people of many nations will form a new religion under an active God.

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      • Ano de Edição: 2014
      • Ano:  2018
      • País de Produção: United States
      • Código de Barras:  2020100533145
      • ISBN:  9781491855300

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