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This is a super-book. Although written for adults teenagers can understand its words. People of different beliefs are invited to read this book to see if it does, or does not, strengthen why they support their own personal belief system. In other words, is your belief system superior to the belief system in this book? This writing contains seven short books which are now the chapters in this super-book. Dr. Joe’s life is divided into three primary time-lines, so far, each containing many sub-categories of highs and lows. The first time-line of thirty-two years was dominated with learning challenges. The second time-line of eighteen years was an intellectual break through breaking the curse of his learning disabilities. The third time-line began at age fifty when Joe broke down and asked God for mercy, and then God gave him a gift for writing. Joe also writes about his great love and respect for his wife that is interwoven throughout areas of these writings. Priced at only $2.99 these seven-books-in-one equals to about $0.43 for each book. Joe's goal is to express how important you are to God every day of your life. From your highs to your lows to your in-between emotions, feelings, and situations of life you are always important to God. There are Gold Nuggets of wisdom throughout these writings so enjoy gathering the nuggets that you want for yourself and forget about the others. Be ready for a visit to the Throne Room of God. What is great about this book is that you can still be yourself and enter the Throne Room of God as often as your desire. Do not ever forget that God made you special and no one has the same uniqueness or boldness or get-the-job-done or support person or compassion or meekness or tenderness or spirituality or inner beauty as you, male or female. God loves you.Joe’s books in paper back format are no longer available. Those books, now chapters, and year originally written are:1] God, Please Smile Upon Me, 313 Life Issues to Ponder [1998-1999][this book prepares the reader for the next six books]2] I’ll Take Angels Any Day [2002][This book explains the human soul]3] Simple Fasting Super Blessing [2003]4] Circle of Submission, 20 personal letters Joe wrote during their very hard times of uncertainty, including his love relationship with his precious wife [2002-2003]5] Why Young Girls and Women are so Very Precious [2003]6] America’s Biggest Blasphemer Is..... [2007-08]7] Validation of Verification of God [2009]Comments about Joe’s writings.Bob Kester: This book is like a train going to Heaven. Wherever you are in life you can climb aboard.Dr. Lottie Rogers: I commend this important book.Mrs. Dorothy Rivera Cook: Made me stop often and evaluate myself and my situation. Often we need to stop and say, hmmm. You made me do that.Dr. Mike Queen: To think is a wonderful enterprise. He forces us to think.Rev. Cherrill Goodwin: A vital tool in teaching.Dr. Bill Bennett: Intimacy with God.Pastor Dr. Bob Lowery: I urge you not to just read but to study along as Brother Joe teaches.Dr. Marilyn Judkins: Children cannot be depressed at their young age or worry about anything because they trust their parents completely. If only women could trust God that much then we would all, truly, be children of God.Pastor David Wheeler: There are eternal consequences that result.Deacon H. Pate: I never understood the Holy Spirit until I read his writings.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2013
    • Ano:  2013
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000601677319
    • ISBN:  9781301514038

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