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As I listened to this series of messages at Livingstone Fellowship, I kept thinking how practical, down to earth and relevant these eternal truths are for us today. Each Sunday, after the message, I thanked the LORD for how He spoke to my heart through His Word and longed that Dr. Hammond might have a wider audience. I rejoice now to see the entire series in this one book. The Ten Commandments are God’s meterstick by which He measures us and whereby we realize how far short we have fallen of His glory. It is God’s “plumb line” to measure our moral straightness. As our young people would say, “The Ten Commandments are God’s ‘text message’ to keep us in line.” In today’s man-centered culture, God (when He is considered at all) has become our “Buddy;” an eternal “Blessing Machine,” to be called on whenever we’re in trouble or need a Friend. “One who turns away his ear from hearing the Law, even his prayer is an abomination.” Proverbs 28:9 The candour of the author in sharing his testimony of when and where he has failed to obey and how the Lord dealt with him is richly refreshing. It is also very reassuring to know that our Heavenly Father is in the business of restoration. This book will give you an expanded appreciation of His grace and of the awful price He paid for our sins as we, who are truly guilty, have broken most, if not all, of the Ten Commandments. Rev. Bill Bathman Chairman of the Board, Frontline Fellowship (2002 - 2016) Founder of NETWORK, PIONEERS and ITMI Never before in Church history has there been such a need to return to the basics of Biblical Evangelism. Our churches are filled with false converts, simply because we have abandoned doing what Jesus did when it comes to reaching out to the lost. The disease must be diagnosed before the cure is offered to the patient, or it will, understandably, never be appreciated or appropriated. I thank God for my friend Peter Hammond, and pray that God’s blessing will be on his book, The Ten Commandments - God’s Perfect Law of Liberty. Ray Comfort The Way of the Master To those who would argue that God does not exist, read this book and each page will reveal that God not only exists, but He knows you better than you do. Can a single book change a person and an entire nation? This one can!! Todd Friel Wretched Radio and TV

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