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The Progress of SIN, OR THE TRAVELS OF Ungodliness Wherein the Pedigree, Rise, (or Original) Antiquity, Subtilty, Evil Nature, and prevailing Power of SIN is fully discover’d; In an Apt and Pleasant ALLEGORY: Together with the great Victories he hath obtained, and abominable Evils he hath done to Mankind by the Help of the DEVIL, in all his Travels, from the beginning of the World, to this very Day. As also the Manner of his Apprehension Arraignment, Tryal, Condemnation, and Execution. By BEN. KEACH, Author of The Travels of True Godliness. War with the Devil; And Sion in Distress. The Fifth Edition, Corrected: With some Additions by the Author. Christian READER, I Having written a small Treatise, entituled The Travels of True Godliness which (as I hear) hath found a kind Acceptance amongst all sorts of Protestants, whether Conformists, or Nonconformists, so I hear this hath met with the like; the sole or main Design of it being to beat down Sin, by setting forth the abominable Nature and Evil thereof; together with the Wiles and subtil Stratagems of the Devil, to deceive the Souls of Men. I have in it made use of the same Method I did before, viz. Presenting all I have said Allegorically; which way (I find) the Holy Ghost by the Prophets, and the Lord Jesus himself much delighted in, and made use of: for all he spoke undo the Multitude, was by Parables, &c. And indeed had I not Warrant from God’s Word thus to write, I should not presume so to do: I have endeavoured (as much as possible) to avoid all Occasion of Offence to all sorts of people; not reflecting on any Man’s Person, whether High or Low, &c. And therefore I hope none will be offended with me though all kind of Sins are justly exposed, and Sinners reprehended though, (may be) some will quarrel with my very Title, and object, How can Sin be said to Travel to and fro? &c. To which I answer, Notwithstanding Sin be a Domestick Enemy; yet as Satan is said to go to and fro in the Earth, &c. to tempt, intice, and draw Men into Sin, being a cunning Observer of every Man’s Temper, Calling and Inclinations; so Sin, upon this Account, we presume may be presented as a Traveller also. I shall say do more, but leave it to the Blessing of GOD, whose Glory I seek, and desire to promot in all Things. Reader, Tho’ ’tis true, there are Books (thou may’st say) enough already; yet some say they would not be without this, and it being out of Print, it is once more presented to thee by him who only desires an interest in thy Prayers, at the Throne of Grace; Who am thy Soul’s Friend, April 28. 1644. B. KEACH.

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    • Formato:  ePub
    • Origem:  IMPORTADO
    • Editora: KWL
    • Assunto: Cristianismo
    • Idioma: INGLÊS
    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Brazil
    • Código de Barras:  2001121434703
    • ISBN:  1230001935394

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