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The writers religious experience, Christianity in particular, began in Nigeria but was firmly established and grounded in the United States at Calvary Baptist Church (CBC) in New York City on Fifty-Seventh Street. The Epistle of Paul the apostle to Philemon and the saying Sunday is the most segregated day in America inspired me to examine the history of CBC for the past one hundred years. CBC uses the Bible as the sole authority (sola scriptura) in preaching the good news of salvation found in Jesus Christ alone. The hallmark of CBC has been sound biblical and expository preaching. Somehow, the influence of institutional racism had a strong hold on its leaders, who barred African Americans from membership for over a century. The history of CBC also inspired me to examine the profession and practice of other white evangelical churches. The pattern found at CBC was consistent with other white evangelical churches. The white evangelical churches made a good profession of faith in Christ. But there was no love in action. Therefore, they failed to practice that which they profess, especially during slavery, the era of Jim Crow, and after the abolition of slavery. The pioneer missionaries have left us shining and worthy examples. They are the embodiments of profession and practice of the Christian faith. The church ought to take heed of compromise, integrity, loyalty, and filthy lucre. On the other end of the spectrum, the profession and practice of Tabernacle Baptist Church (TBC) in Orlando is outstanding. In God we trust also inspired me to examine the foundation of the US government as I examined the white evangelical churches. The foundation of the US government was derived from the Judeo-Christian principles, unlike that of other nations of the world. However, the Judeo-Christian principles are gradually eroding because of contemporary issues. Atheists and evolutionary scientists today are proponents of evolution and have no room for God in their imaginations and passionately reject Gods handiwork in the cosmos. Therefore, evolution is their gospel truth. This attitude of the atheists and evolutionary scientists also inspired me to examine the beliefs of the founding fathers of modern science. Today, there are scientists like the founding fathers of modern science at the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) who see no conflict with science and the Bible. It is quite disheartening to see universities and colleges that once sought for truth and wisdom in Christ now run by those with evolutionary view of the cosmos. The greatest lie told in Genesis is still prevalent today. Why is there so much church and state controversy? Who is the church and who is the state? In order to restore our future, America needs to move back to biblical principles, as the Founding Fathers envisioned, not move forward. Thus saith the LORD of hosts; Consider your ways (Hag. 1:7).

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