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In this book, all that happens after death, when people enter their graves, what happens beneath the grave, etc has been reported from the Quran and Ahadeeth. The reports whose chains are not authentic, and cannot be proven to have come from the Messenger (S) have been ignored. Also ignored are the methodology of those who reject the idea of accepting authentic ahadeeth if they are ahaad.Furthermore, those who twist the meanings of the texts, those who took their minds as judges to judge the texts and who turned things in reverse order and made the judge subject to judgement. They went astray and led others astray. In some cases they went so far as to reject many issues of the Hereafter which are proven in authentic reports, based on rational analogies which, had they examined them closely, would have realized their absurdity. Had they pondered the matters of the Hereafter in any depth, they would have realized that the Hereafter is a different world, and that the standards and measures of the Hereafter are different from those of this world. We have discussed this important dogmatic principle - one of the basic Islamic doctrine, at length.Contents of the Book:CHAPTER 1 - DEFINITIONS1 - Al-Qiyaamah as-Sughra (The Minor Resurrection)2 - Al-Barzakh (The Interval)3 - Mawt (Death)- 1. Mawt from the semantic point of view- 2. Greater death and lesser death- 3. Death is inevitable- 4. There is an appointed time for death- 5. The time of death is not known to usCHAPTER 2 - THE MOMENT OF DEATH1 - The Coming of the Angels of Death2 - The Stupor of Death- Those for whom the agony of death is reduced3 - At the Time of Death, A Person Wishes to go Back4 - The Believers Joy at Meeting His Lord5 - The Presence of the Shaytaan at the Time of Death6 - Causes of a Bad End- 1. Corruption in ones belief (aqeedah)- 2. Persisting in sin- 3. Turning away from righteousness- 4. Weakness of faith7 - The Prophets Were Given the Choice at the Time of DeathCHAPTER 3 - THE SOULS DEPARTURE AND JOURNEY TO HEAVEN1 - What has been Mentioned regarding ThisCHAPTER 4 - THE GRAVE1 - The Terrors of the Grave- The darkness of the grave2 - The Squeezing of the Grave3 - The Trial (Fitnah) of the Grave- 1. How will this trial be?- 2. Will the disbeliever be tested in his grave?- 3. Will anybody other than those who are accountable be tested?4 - The Torment and Blessing of the Grave- 1. The ahadeeth about the torment and blessing of the grave are mutawaatir- 2. Description of the blessings and torment of the grave- 3. Are the Muslims punished in their graves?- 4. Reasons for the punishment of the grave- 5. Things which save one from the trial and torment of the grave- 6. Those who are protected from the trial and torment of the grave5 - The Lessons of DeathCHAPTER 5 - THE SOUL1 - Definitions2 - Does the Soul Have a Shape that may be Understood?3 - The Soul is Separate from the Body4 - The Seat of the Rooh in the Body5 - The Rooh is Created- 1. Ijmaa (scholarly consensus)- 2. The Quran and Sunnah6 - The Specious Arguments of those who Claim that the Soul is not Created7 - Different Kinds of Nafs8 - Do Souls Die?9 - The Abode of the Rooh in Al-Barzakh- 1. The souls of the Prophets- 2. The souls of the martyrs- 3. The souls of the righteous believers- 4. The souls of the sinners- 5. The souls of the kuffaar10 - Problems and Answers11 - Does the Torment in Al-Barzakh Affect the Soul, the Body or Both?12 - Does a Person Know Anything About What is Happening in this World After He Dies?ADD IT TO YOUR CART NOWTIP: Type in IDP Research Division in the Search Tab to see all current available titles from the same Publisher.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
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