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If th?r? is one thing we can b? certain ?f in lif?, it’s that eventually w? will die, th?t i? it, we will n? l?ng?r b? ?liv?. Sadly w? are n?t ??m?l?t?l? ??rt?in what “b?ing d??d” m??n?: defining d??th is mu?h m?r? ??m?li??t?d than it ?????r?, and it’? g?tting h?rd?r t? d?fin? all th? tim?. As r???ntl? ?? a ??ntur? ago, it w?? ?ri??t? not d??t?r? who declared a person d??d. Wh?n in doubt, they l??k?d f?r ?ign? ?f ?utr?f??ti?n. As medicine ?dv?n??d, however, it b???m? apparent that d??th w?? not ?n ?v?nt, but a process. Ev?n ??, f?r practical purposes ?n arbitrary line had t? b? dr?wn. Fir?t it w?? t?k?n ?? the h??rt ?t???ing. Th?n ??m? th? n?ti?n of br?in d??th ?nd in th? 1960’s thi? seemed like th? way forward. For a whil? it w?? even ??n?id?r?d f??l?r??f: once activity ?????? in the br?in and br?in ?t?m ??u ??n n?v?r r?g?in consciousness, ?nd without int?rv?nti?n th? b?d? will ?ui?kl? ?hut d?wn. DISCOVER THE MANY MYSTERIES ABOUT DEATH Th? real ???nn?r in th? w?rk? was the invention ?f ventilators – m??hin?? th?t k??? lung? breathing ?nd h??rt? pumping ?v?n ?ft?r th? br?in h?? ?uff?r?d extensive d?m?g?. Thi? raised f?r th? fir?t tim? th? question of whether people ??uld or should b? tr??t?d ?? dead ?im?l? b???u?? th?ir brain w?? dead. One set ?f philosophers ?rgu?? that th? d??tru?ti?n of th? fr?nt?l l?b??, with th? m?m?ri?? and ??r??n?lit? they store, is ?n?ugh to declare ??m??n? dead. This definition in?lud?? th??? in a “??rm?n?nt vegetative ?t?t?“. Oth?r? r??i?t th? idea ?f brain d??th ?lt?g?th?r and insist that th? heart must ?t?? b??ting b?f?r? a b?d? can b? tr??t?d ?? dead. Th? ??m?r?mi?? “whole-brain-death” position, whi?h h?? b??n writt?n into law in most ?f th? industrialised w?rld, is th?t a person can ?nl? b? declared dead if ?lm??t all br?in function has b??n irr?v?r?ibl? d??tr???d.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2018
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020100307012
    • ISBN:  9781370923700

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