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In order to fully understand the reality of the return of Jesus, one must not only basically understand the last six thousand years of biblical history, but also the last seven years of events that will lead his return. Return of the Daystar lays out these events and describes exactly how they relate to Jesus’ impending return and eventual restoration of planet Earth and the entire surrounding universe. In studying the prophetic writings in the Bible it is obvious that a great majority of the prophecies are not written in a chronological order that would guide the reader through the Bible in the order in which they will occur, and many other prophecies are hidden within simple statements made in various books of the Bible that could be easily overlooked by the reader. In order to make this book as understandable as possible, the entire writing is in the chronological order in which the prophetic events will actually occur. The return of Jesus was envisioned by the ancient prophets as being a seven year period of catastrophic events that will lead to His return. Their vision also revealed that there will be a generation of people who will actually witness the very end of this present world age, and the dawning of a new age of peace, where death will no longer plague the inhabitants of planet earth. Jesus also spoke of that coming generation and how they would actually witness the fulfillment of every event envisioned by the prophets . . . . . . It is very possible that many living today will be among those in the visions who will actually witness the return of Jesus and the liberation of planet earth. This is written that all would come to a clear understanding of the visions of the ancient prophets, and how the fulfillment of their prophecies will eventually affect not only every person living on planet earth, but also every person who has died throughout the ages past. There is a statement in the “ancient prophetic writings” in the Bible that predicted the return of Jesus would be talked about for generations before he actually returns, but many would also be saying that they have been hearing about his return for ages, yet nothing has changed. The writings continued by stating that those who questioned whether Jesus would ever return or not, would be ignoring the fact that many other predictions have been made by the prophets throughout the past, and they too were also ignored, because it was hundreds and even thousands of years later before that particular prophecy came to pass. One example found in the writings is the warning that Noah gave before the worldwide flood of the far distant past. It is recorded that Noah warned the world continuously for one hundred and twenty years before his warning of the worldwide flood actually came to pass. Another example of a prediction that took a long time to complete is the prediction in Genesis 3:14 & 15 that predicted there would be a person who would come and destroy Satan at some time in the future. The person who fulfilled this prophecy was Jesus, whose death on the cross set all mankind free from the power of Satan, and it will be Jesus who will eventually destroy Satan. Time was a major factor in that prediction, for from the time that the prediction was made until Jesus actually came and died to defeat the stronghold of Satan was a period of four thousand years. Time is the major factor that causes most people to not believe the predictions made by the prophets, and this is because of the great difference between our concept of time as compared to God’s perspective of time. Both perspectives are totally different, as explained in the ancient writings, for their writings state that a thousand years in our time is only one day as compared to God’s time. Therefore, from God’s perspective, it has been only slightly less than two days since Jesus rose from the dead. It is this comparison of time that is vital in understanding the vast difference between God’s perspective of time as compared to how we view time. Though it has now been almost two thousand years since the prophecy of the return of Jesus was made, it is to be noted that within the same writing that predicted his return, the writer also added that we should remember there have been many in the past who have given up on prophecies that had taken long periods of time to occur. They gave up because of their lack of understanding God’s perspective of time and also that God, at times, will possibly briefly delay his actions because of His mercy, for He does not wish that anyone should perish. Another reason that the return of Jesus is seemingly taking so long in coming is the lack of understanding the full scope of the events that are associated with his return, and that the prophetic writings are not presented in a chronological order that would make it easier to understand, which is the goal of this book.

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