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A brief preface notes that my ideas on the subject developed over time and that little in the way of documentation is offered to support it, leaving that to the reader who cares to refute or confirm the thesis. Chapter 1 surmises an idea stated in other essays, that Rome was founded by foreigners, Israelites fleeing from Assyrian conquest of Israel. Chapter 2 surmises that Celtic and Teutonic priests and witches aided Rome in its conquest of those peoples prior to Roman Catholicism and afterward. Chapter 3 surmises that it was expedient for Jews to become Conversos (converts to Christianity in pretense) as far back as the beginnings of Christianity. It notes the Jews were the core of the early church, and that Roman persecution gave the Judaic loyalists good reason to hide in the gentile portion of the church to avoid expulsions and pogroms. This was aided by the martyrdom complex of Peter and Paul and early converts. Christ died once and for all; no further crucifixions served any purpose other than vain glory and one upmanship. So the Roman and Orthodox churches are essentially Jewish conspiracy. Antisemitism is a product of Jewish malice and greed. Chapter 4 speaks of the Celtic Church being attacked by Rome and the advancement of England as the nucleus around which Whore Babylon would expand under the covert direction of Converso Jews. It notes collusion between Islam and the Jewish dominated Roman church, mentions the British-Israelite scam to make Britain the chosen nation of millennial salvation through fraud, conquest and espionage. It notes that rabbinical tradition uses two techniques common to Catholicism and Protestantism, claiming their authority supersedes the spirit of God to interpret scripture, and bold face denial of what scripture clearly states to be true and/or necessary. Chapter 5 discusses what to do in the face of the criminal conspiracy that effectively rules this world. It disowns any racist notions against Jews or any other ethnic group, but states my disdain for religion and nationalism, internationalism.

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    • Ano:  2016
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