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Here are some advantages to read these sermons (1) Do you want to know Pastor Akoa Mongos theology and beliefs? Read these sermons. It is well known today that church people no longer know what used to be called heresy. A church, which doesnt know which doctrines are heretics is a church without faith. Those who believe in something are heretics, as far as those who don't. Our faith must be based on specifics; the foundation, which makes us heretics, and separates us from those who dont believe in Jesus Christ vas we do. (2)-These texts can be used for Bible Studies because they have questions, answers, main points, sub-points and biblical references. (3)-These texts go right on the hard of the matter. There is a theme, an introduction, divisions, and the conclusion for each message. (4) Pastor Akoa-Mongo has a method of presentation. He messages start with the question: what? In order to bring his audience to be a part of the message. Then he would try to answer the second question why? The reader is asking him, Why are you devoting your time and effort to say what you are saying to me? Why the Bible and the Holy Spirit want me to be interested on this subject with you? Pastor Akoa-Mongo would like to be sure that the Bible, and the Holy Spirit speaking to the reader. The last question he strives to answer is, What this has to do with me? - The reader -? Here, he strives to involve the reader to know his or her mission in the world; the way the Lord invites him or her to finish the sermon and start changing the situation in order to do the will of our Father who is in heaven. (5) At the conclusion, the Rev. Akoa-Mongo tries to summarize the whole message so that the reader would have in mind what the Lord wanted him or her to hear that day from him.

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    • Ano:  2018
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