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This is another paraphrase of my 420,000 word `Constitutional History of the Western World.Recall Christs words at the Last Supper - `This cup is My blood of the new covenant which is shed for many... The first mention of a new covenant, a New Law to amend the Old Law, the Mosaic Law, is found in Jeremiah 31. 31-34. The True Faith, the Divine Law, the New Covenant and the Gospel of Jesus Christ are all different names for the same thing. 2 Thess 2 deals with a man of sin / son of perdition - presumably the Antichrist - and with a falling away - presumably a falling away from the True Faith - and with strong delusion. If you are deluded, if you think you are in a church which leads people to heaven, when you are actually in a cult which leads people to perdition, then you will go to perdition, unless you wise up and find the True Faith and the True Church.Case 1 says the sign of the cross reflects no evil / and symbolizes nothing which is evil, because it is sacred in the eyes of God. In this Case, Case 1, it might be the seal of God mentioned in Revelation 9. This seal saves one from torment when it is on ones forehead. Case 2 says the sign of the cross reflects some evil / it symbolizes a certain amount of evil, because it is not sacred in the eyes of God, and furthermore, there is the logic which says the Nazis perpetrated evil for a few years and therefore the Nazi swastika reflects this evil. The people under the sign of the cross perpetrated evil for century after century. If the cross is evil then perhaps its the evil mark of the beast, the evil mark which leads one to suffer eternal torture in hell when it is placed on ones forehead, recall Revelation 14. 11.Scenario A says the Church of Rome leads people to heaven because Rome is Gods True Church, and Rome has not fallen away from the True Faith, therefore you can trust the Church of Rome when it says the cross is sacred. Furthermore, in Scenario A, the Pope is the true leader on earth of Gods True Church: the Pope leads souls to heaven, therefore the Vatican is the only government we need. Why have these Senates and Parliaments and Executive and Judicial branches laying around when they often rebel against Rome? Rome leads people to heaven: Rome is Gods True Church: we dont need any governments which rebel against Gods True Church and which therefore drag souls down to perdition. Thats Scenario A.Scenario B says Rome has fallen away from the True Faith. Rome is not Gods True Church. The Pope leads people to perdition. Rome is just a worthless cult that leads people to perdition. You cant trust worthless cults which lead souls to perdition, such as when they lecture on the sign of the cross, or when they lecture on religion in general. In fact, you cant even trust worthless cults when they lecture on politics. They might be right on some or many issues, but you just cant trust them. So, all in all, worthless cults which lead people away from heaven and which drag them down to perdition, are really quite worthless.The same sort of logic used above with Rome, can be apply to any church: the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Church of England etc.

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