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Make mine a moussaka? Yes, please. Let me whisk you to beautiful Greece, and we’ll eat dinner at sunset overlooking a tiny beach, while listening to waves lapping on the pebbles at our feet.Heres a sample from the chapters of this great travel read:AthensMaybe it’s not the Paris of the Mediterranean, but nothing quite eclipses the Acropolis.Moussaka. - Heres the authentic recipe.HydraA "National Treasure" island where the maritime tales of yore blend with the modern nautical ambience.Spetsioteko Psari - Baked Fish. Fishing is part of the Greek psyche, and so is this dish.The Ionian IslandsThe shade of Odysseus still haunts Ithaki, Laurence Durrell’s ghost wafts around Corfu, and perhaps Captain Corelli’s wraith plays his mandolin on Kefalonia.Souvlaki - It never tastes better than served up in a taverna in Greece, but lets try.Island-hopping in the Cyclades IslandsA real island-hop through a present-day paradise is a wonderful adventure not to be missed. The Cyclades are renowned for their whitewashed houses and blue-topped churches.Choriatiki Salata - We all know Greek salad. Or do we?Return to Paros and NaxosParos at the turn of the season - a sudden storm changes everything.The hill towns of Naxos - Climbing up from the coastal plain into rolling mountains, the bus winds across grey sun-blasted rocky plateaus, and through quaint little villages crowned with derelict windmills.Kolokythokeftedes - Zucchini Balls - Vegetarian gourmet delight.SantoriniThe glitziest of all the islands. Still, it’s the most spectacular as well - oh those views over the caldera, and the fabulous sunsets! But there’s an underlying mystique, a frisson of something intangible.Soutzoukakia - Meatballs in Tomato Sauce - In Santorini this is a local specialty.SifnosTwo unfit Aussies hike the unspoiled beauty of this special island, then experience an evening with simple home-grown entertainment.Stifado - Stew with a Greek difference.Amorgos and FolegandrosAmorgos - A boat trip to and from this barren, remote island, discovering the tiny islands of the Little Cyclades as well.Flotsam in Folegandros - This is one of the islands the ferries stop at on the way to somewhere else. Folegandros is the island where one can learn to do absolutely nothing.Briam - Baked Vegetables - Greek ratatouille. Yumm.The PeloponneseCatching local buses and working your way from Athens to Olympia needs patience and perseverance, but it’s a fascinating and different insight into this picturesque region.Spanakopita and Tyropita - Spinach and Cheese Pie.NafplioThe old town of Nafplio is a Venetian remnant, with tangible ambience and three amazing castles. Nafplio is the jumping-off point for the fabulous ruins of Tiryns, Epidaurus and Mycenae.Kotopoulo Lemonato - Lemon Chicken - Let this dish cook itself.My Favorite ThingsSparta - A modern and ancient contrast. Haunted olive groves under the thrall of towering mountains.Mystras - Fantasy Byzantine ruins sprawling down a wooded hillside.Monemvasia - A Byzantine time-warp town, hidden behind a Middle Ages castle wall.The Mani country - Rarely visited and yet darkly intriguing.Melitzanes Papoutsakia - Stuffed Eggplants - Another easy dish.A Challenge on CreteThe dramatic Gorge of Samaria. I complete the seventeen km hike. Not for the faint-hearted or unfit, but utterly magnificent.The Incredible Olive - Pita me Elies - Olive Pie - A unique savory tang of olives in a bread dough.NisyrosWere marooned on an obscure volcanic island during a gale, and we discover that the Greek tag of "eternal summer" is a misnomer.Tomates (ke piperies) Yemistes - Stuffed Tomatoes (and peppers) - Ive included this Greek staple.Wedding AnniversaryNot fussed about celebrating milestones, were back on Sifnos for an anniversary. But there are surprises. We make a toast to Greece.Revithia Soupa - Chickpea Soup - The traditional Sunday dish for Sifniots.

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