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This documentary not only details Ballard's challenge in finding the Yorktown, which rests three miles below the surface, a mile deeper than the Titanic, but also provides an intelligent and gripping narrative of the Battle of Midway, in which four Japanese carriers were also sent to the bottom in a furious day of fighting that turned the tide of the war in the Pacific. On the expedition with Ballard are four veterans, two Japanese and two Americans, who had been involved in the decisive 1942 battle, and who are at times overwhelmed by emotion as Ballard looks for their old ships. The dogged search for a Japanese carrier is fruitless, but finally Ballard finds a debris field that leads him to the Yorktown. Ballard's remarkable underwater cameras scan the great carrier, which rests upright on the ocean floor, its antiaircraft guns still pointed skyward as if to ward off yet another furious Japanese attack.


  • Volume: 1
  • Conteúdo: Entrevistas, Galeria de fotos, Cenas por de trás das câmeras

Detalhes do Produto

    • Formato:  DVD
    • Origem:  NACIONAL
    • Distribuidora: VOX MUSIC IMP
    • Idioma Original: INGLÊS - DOLBY DIGITAL
    • Ano de Produção:  2000
    • País de Produção: United States
    • Código de Barras:  727994750024
    • Região:  1
    • Quantidade de Discos:  1
    • Sistema de Cores:  Colorido
    • Formato da Tela:  STANDARD
    • Sistema:  NTSC
    • Duração: 82 minutos

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