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This volume on the three Flavian epic poets (Valerius Flaccus, Statius and Silius Italicus) for the first time critically engages with a unique set-up in Roman literary history: the survival of four epic poems from the same period (Argonautica; Thebaid, Achilleid; Punica). THe interactions of these poems with each other and their contemporary context are explored by over 20 experts and emerging scholars. TOpics studied include the political dimension of the epics, their use of epic themes and techniques and their intertextual relationship among each other and to predecessors. THe recent upsurge of interest in Flavian epic has been focussed on the analysis of individual works. LOoking at these poems together now allows the appreciation of their similarities and nuanced differences in the light of their shared position in literary and political history and gives insights into the literary culture of the period. THe different approaches and backgrounds of the contributors ensure the presentation of a range of viewpoints. TOgether they offer new perspectives to the still increasing readership of Flavian epic poetry but also to anyone interested in the epic genre within Roman literature or other cultures more generally.

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