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Submitted Assignment from the year 2018 in the subject Education - Educational Tests & Measurements, University of Education (Early childhood Education), course: Contempoary issues in early childhood education, language: English, abstract: Contemporary issues are events, ideas, opinions or topics in a given subject area that are relevant to the present day. IN the area of early childhood education, contemporary issues are issues that have come to light recently and are relevant to the present day. ICT Is becoming a ubiquitous component of the physical and social worlds occupied by young children. IT is an important part of the private and work lives of most people, including those who support young children's learning and development, whether as parents, family members, caregivers, or early childhood educators. IT is often argued in the literature that children's early childhood education experiences should reflect and connect with their experiences in the wider world. THerefore, ICT matters in early childhood education, because it already has an effect on the people and the environments that surround young children's learning and well-being. THere is strong consensus across the literature that, it is timely for the role and potential of ICT for the early childhood education sector to be critically examined, to guide future development and decision-making in this area. SInce the inception of early childhood education program in 2004, there have several subjects of concern to ensure the effectiveness of the program and since the modern world is fast-paced and dynamic, these issues keeps coming into light and as early childhood stakeholders we cannot forgo these issues without discussing its relevance and effectiveness in advancing early childhood education in Ghana.

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