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Foreword xi Acknowledgements xv Introduction 1 1. CReating the Presentation Blueprint 9 Presenting with Impact: How to Craft a Memorable Message, by Dianna Booher 10Six Tips for Creating Powerful Presentation Scripts, by Tom Mucciolo 16 Use Unexpected Openers to Capture Audience Interest, by David Green 20 Shining a Light on Urban Myths of Presenting, by Jim Endicott 26 Three Steps to Help Your Data Stand Out and Be Remembered, by Mike Parkinson 30 Seven Tips for Powerful Sit-Down Presentations, by Dianna Booher 35 Six Big Don'ts for Ending Your Presentation, by Ben Decker 38 2. WHat's in It for Them? Developing Audience-Centric Messages 41 The Delicate Art of Presenting to the CEO, by Sue Hershkowitz-Coore 42 Are Your Key Takeaways a Needle in a Haystack? by Jim Endicott 44 Shift Focus from Your Data to Your Audience, by Dave Paradi 47 Use Menus to Create Audience-Centered Presentations, by Ellen Finkelstein 49 How to Use Analogies in Presentations, by Scott Schwertly 56 Leadership Communication Asks More of Us, by Jim Endicott 59 Good Audience Interactivity as Part of Your Style, by Dianna Booher 63 Calculating the Real Cost of Poor Presentations, by Dave Paradi 68 3. PErfect Practice: Maximizing Your Rehearsal Time 73 Eight Guidelines for Perfect Presentation Practice, by Marjorie Brody 74 Seven Secrets to Psych Yourself Out of Pre-Presentation Jitters, by Dianna Booher 77 Is it Practice . . . Or Rehearsal? by David Zielinski 82 Repetitions and Reputations, by Jim Endicott 85 Secrets to Practicing Your Presentation When You Have No Time, by Michelle Mazur 87 4. TApping PowerPoint's Hidden Potential 91 Cultivating a Healthy Relationship with Your Slides, by Nancy Duarte 92 PowerPoint Slide Design for the Artistically Challenged, by Ellen Finkelstein 97 Take the "Three-Word Challenge" to Test Your Bullet-Point Strength, by Rick Altman 107 The Power of Hiding Slides in PowerPoint, by Robert Lane 112 The Lunacy of the Leave Behind, by Rick Altman 121 Honoring Online Copyright: One Picture Can Be Worth 1,000 Headaches, by John Billington 129 How to Create a Slide Master (or Two) in PowerPoint, by Ellen Finkelstein 132 The Most Valuable PowerPoint Feature You're Not Using, by Rick Altman 134 Stand Out by Using Visual Alternatives to PowerPoint, by Angela DeFinis 139 5. GRaphics Design for the Non-Graphics Professional 143 Create Simpler, More Easily Understood Charts and Graphs, by Geetesh Bajaj 143 Four Ways to Transform Disorganized Graphics into Influential Art, by Mike Parkinson 148 How to Insert SmartArt Graphics in PowerPoint, by Geetesh Bajaj 153 Use Excel More Effectively in PowerPoint, by Dave Paradi 158 Working with Graphs Created Outside of PowerPoint, by Dave Paradi 163 Presenting Financial Data: Put Your Numbers on a Diet, by Dave Paradi 165 6. MAstering New Presentation Media: Webinars, Mobile Presenting, and Social Media 169 Presenting with Your iPad: First Questions First, by Geetesh Bajaj 170 Struggling with Web-Based Presentations? Try These Tips, by Dave Paradi 174 Is Twitter a Presenter's Dream Come True . . . Or a Nightmare? by Cliff Atkinson 177 Consider Alternatives to Using Video in Web Presentations, by Dave Paradi 180 How to Post Your Presentation as a Video to YouTube, by Ellen Finkelstein 182 7. THe Art of Persuasion: How Influence Really Happens During Presentations 185 Facts Just Aren't What They Used to Be, by Jim Endicott 186 Presenting to Persuade, by Dianna Booher 188 Hallways of Influence: Mastering the Art of Impromptu Presentations, by Patricia Fripp 193 Audience Trust: It's Yours to Lose, by Greg Owen-Boger 196 8. WInning the Pitch: Delivering Effective Sales Presentations 197 The Twelve Biggest Mistakes Salespeople Make in Presentations, by Patricia Fripp 198 How to Customize Generic PowerPoint Slides for Sales Prospects, by Dave Paradi 205 Six Ways to Boost Results from Team Sales Presentations, by Steve Mandel 208 Getting Proposal Gr

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    • Ano:  2013
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