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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Yidiny (also spelled Yidinj, Yidi , Yidin ) is a nearly extinct Australian Aboriginal language, spoken by the Yidindji tribe of northern Queensland. THe Yidiny language has a number of particles that change the meaning of an entire clause. THese, unlike other forms in the language, such as nouns, verbs and gender markers, have no grammatical case and take no tense inflections. THe particles in the Yidiny language: nguju - 'not' (nguju also functions as the negative interjection 'no'), giyi - 'don't', biri - 'done again', yurrga - 'still', mugu - 'couldn't help it' (mugu refers to something unsatisfactory but that is impossible to avoid doing), jaymbi / jaybar - 'in turn'. E.G. 'I hit him and he jaymbi hit me', 'He hit me and I jaybar hit him'.

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