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1. GEOTECHNICAL PROPERTIES OF SOIL. Introduction. GRain-Size Distribution. SIze Limits for Soils. WEight-Volume Relationships. RElative Density. ATterberg Limits. LIquidity Index. ACtivity. SOil Classification Systems. HYdraulic Conductivity. STeady-State Seepage. EFfective Stress. COnsolidation. CAlculation of Primary Consolidation Settlement. TIme Rate of Consolidation. DEgree of Consolidation Under Ramp Loading. SHear Strength. UNconfined Compression Test. COmments on Friction Angle, f''.COrrelations for Undrained Shear Strength, cu . SEnsitivity. PRoblems. REferences. 2. NATURAL SOIL DEPOSITS AND SUBSOIL EXPLORATION. Introduction. NAtural Soil Deposits: Soil Origin. REsidual Soil. GRavity Transported Soil. ALluvial Deposits. LAcustrine Deposits. GLacial Deposits. AEolian Soil Deposits. ORganic Soil. SOme Local Terms for Soils. Subsurface Exploration: Purpose of Subsurface Exploration. SUbsurface Exploration Program. EXploratory Borings in the Field. PRocedures for Sampling Soil. SPlit-Spoon Sampling. SAmpling with a Scrapper Bucket. SAmpling with Thin-Walled Table. SAmpling with a Piston Sampler. OBservation of Water Tables. VAne Shear Test. COne Penetration Test. PRessuremeter Test (PMT). DIlatometer Test. COring of Rocks. PReparation of Boring Logs. GEophysical Exploration. SUbsoil Exploration Report. PRoblems. REferences. 3. SHALLOW FOUNDATIONS: ULTIMATE BEARING CAPACITY. Introduction. GEneral Concept. TErzaghi''s Bearing Capacity Theory. FActor of Safety. MOdification of Bearing Capacity Equations for Water Table. THe General Bearing Capacity Equation. CAse Studies on Ultimate Bearing Capacity. EFfect of Soil Compressibility. ECcentrically Loaded Foundations. ULtimate Bearing Capacity under Eccentric Loading - One-Way Eccentricity. BEaring Capacity with Two-Way Eccentricity. BEaring Capacity of a Continuous Foundation Subjected to Eccentric Inclined Loading. PRoblems. REferences. 4. ULTIMATE BEARING CAPACITY OF SHALLOW FOUNDATIONS: SPECIAL CASES. Introduction. FOundation Supported by a Soil with a Rigid Base at Shallow Depth. BEaring Capacity of Layered Soils: Stronger Soil Underlain by Weaker Soil. BEaring Capacity of Layered Soil: Weaker Soil Underlain by Stronger Soil. CLosely Spaced Foundations - Effect on Ultimate Bearing Capacity. BEaring Capacity of Foundations on Top of a Slope. SEismic Bearing Capacity of Foundation at the Edge of Granular Soil Slope. BEaring Capacity of Foundations on a Slope. FOundations on a Rock. UPlift Capacity Foundations. PRoblems. REferences. 5. SHALLOW FOUNDATIONS: ALLOWABLE BEARING CAPACITY AND SETTLEMENT. Introduction. VErtical Stress Increase in a Soil Mass Caused by Foundation Load: Stress Due to a Concentrated Load. STress Due to a Circularly Loaded Area. STress Below a Rectangular Area. AVerage Vertical Stress Increase Due to a Rectangularly Loaded Area. STress Increase under an Embankment. WEstergaard''s Solution for Vertical Stress Due to a Point Load. STress Distribution for Westergaard Material. ELastic Settlement: Elastic Settlement of Foundations on Saturated Clay. SEttlement Based on the Theory of Elasticity. IMproved Equation for Elastic Settlement. SEttlement of Sandy Soil: Use of Strain Influence Factor. SEttlement of Foundation on Sand Based on Standard Penetration Resistance. SEttlement in Granular Soil Based on Pressuremeter Test (PMT). COnsolidation Settlement: Primary Consolidation Settlement Relationships. THree-Dimensional Effect on Primary Consolidation Settlement. SEttlement Due to Secondary Consolidation. FIeld Load Test. PResumptive Bearing Capacity. TOlerable Settlement of Buildings. PRoblems. REferences. 6. MAT FOUNDATIONS. Introduction. COmbined Footings. COmmon Types of Mat Foundations. BEaring Capacity of Mat Foundations. DIfferential Settlement of Mats. FIeld Settlement Observations for Mat Foundations. COmpensated Foundation. STructural Design of Mat Foundations. PRoblems. REferences. 7. LATERAL EARTH PRESSURE. Introduction. LAteral Ear

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