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Ultra-wideband (UWB) technology has great potential for applications in wireless communications, radar and location. It has many benefits due to its ultra-wideband nature, which include high data rate, less path loss and better immunity to multipath propagation, availability of low-cost transceivers, low transmit power and low interference. Despite results so far demonstrating that UWB radio is a promising solution for high-rate short-range wireless communications, further extensive investigation is necessary towards developing effective and efficient UWB communication systems and UWB technology. 'Ultra-wideband Wireless Communications and Networks' explores both the fundamental aspects and the more advanced topics of networks and applications. Challenges and up-to-date technical progress in the field are presented, with timely reporting of results from cutting-edge research and state-of-the-art technology in UWB wireless communications. Unique focus on UWB wireless communications rather than previously covered UWB radar aspects. Topics include; radio propagation and large scale variations, pulse propagation and channel modelling, MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) RF subsystems and ad hoc networks. Features a wealth of tables, illustrations and photographs. This book is aimed at professionals wishing to enhance their knowledge of UWB wireless communications systems for short range communications. It will also appeal to senior undergraduate and graduate students who require information on the key topics in this area.

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