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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Yahya Karawi (d. 1355-56) was the leader of the Sarbadars of Sabzewar from around 1351 until his death. YAhya, an aristocrat, came to power after the assassination of Khwaja Shams al-Din 'Ali in around 1351. HE had been informed beforehand about the assassination plot, and afterwards protected Shams al-Din 'Ali's murderer, Haidar Qassib. UNlike his predecessor, Yahya was a religious moderate and did not maintain many of Shams al-Din Ali's social programs. EArly in his reign, Yahya undertook negotiations with the Ilkhanid claimant Togha Temur, who ruled in Astarabad. THe Sarbadars had achieved independence from Togha Temur, but the two sides had subsequently come to a military stalemate. AS a result of these negotiations, Yahya agreed to recognize Togha Temur as his suzerain and to pay him tribute. FUrthermore, he agreed to present himself before the khan on an annual basis to renew his pledge of loyalty, something no Sarbadar leader had ever been compelled to do before. THe Sarbadars therefore became vassals to the khan.

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