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Lindsay MacPhaull took one look at the tall, dark, handsome Texan in her office doorway and knew that she was in trouble. And, as always, she was right. Jackson Stennett had come to New York City to deliver the news that her long-absent father was dead, and that everything - from her struggling business to the very clothes on her back - now belonged to him. Jackson Stennett was no stranger to tragedy or to the loss of love. But the minute he lays eyes on the seductive and headstrong Lindsay, the walls begin to crumble. He has sixty days to resist her charms and sell off the business. Lindsay has sixty days to stop him from destroying her world. But when acts of sabotage and shadowy threats emerge, they have no choice but to join forces in a sizzling alliance against a terrifying, unseen enemy who would destroy them both.... and bring out an intense passion and desire neither can deny.

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    • Ano:  2001
    • Código de Barras:  2000150524980

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