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Marrying Buddha is the follow-up to Wei Hui’s first semi-autobiographical novel Shanghai Baby, a modern tale of sex and city life, featuring Coco, a 25-year-old waitress. A story of love and betrayal, it was banned in China and became an international bestseller, catapulting its young author to fame and notoriety. In 'Marrying Buddha', Coco, now a successful novelist, decides to leave her native Shanghai for New York. Making a new home in that great metropolis, Coco embarks on the next leg of life’s journey, a road that leads her through love, desire, and spiritual awakening. In Manhattan she meets Muju - the yin to Coco’s yang. Muju and Coco share a deep passion, exploring their desires on every level. Then, breaking into their intense affair, comes a wealthy and urbane New Yorker, Nick, causing both excitement and anxiety. When as a result her relationship with Muju is threatened, Coco flies back to China, to the tiny temple-studded island of Putu, the place of her birth, in attempt to find some inner peace.

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