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This book informs on new developments in genetics and molecular biology, sickle cell diseases, gene rearrangements, platelet morphology, biochemistry and function and so much more. Chapters remaining from the previous edition have been carefully reviewed and thoroughly updated, in order to provide you with the most current and authoritative coverage of the field now available. The 6th Edition addresses the hottest topics in hematology today featuring - New developments in the genetics and the molecular pathogenesis of blood cell disorders; Extensive treatment of cytokine and chemokine networks in blood cell regulation; The most recent diagnostic and treatment approaches to blood cell and coagulation protein disorders; Advances in the management of the lymphomas and lymphocytic leukemias; Comprehensive descriptions of the diagnosis and management of the cloncal myeloid diseases; The most recent concepts of diseases of platelets and the management of hemostatic and thrombotic diseases.

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