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Section 1: The Scientific Basis of Rheumatic Disease 1. EPidemiologic concepts and the classification of rheumatic and musculoskeletal conditions 2. PRinciples of clinical outcome assessment 3. PRinciples of health economics and application to rheumatic disorders 4. THe synovium 5. THe articular cartilage 6. BOne structure and function 7. TEndons and ligaments 8. COnnective tissue responses to mechanical stresses 9. BIomechanics of peripheral joints 10. BIomechanics of the spine 11. PRinciples of genetic epidemiology 12. PRinciples and techniques in molecular biology 13. CYtokines 14. SIgnal transduction in immune cells 15. THe principles of adaptive immunity 16. PRinciples of innate immunity 17. SYstems biology 18. EPigenetics in Rheumatology 19. THe microbiome in rheumatic diseases 20. TIssue destruction and repair 21. PRinciples of tissue engineering and cell- and gene-based therapy 22. OSteoimmunology 23. INflammation and its mediators 24. SCientific basis of pain 25. EFfects of the neuroendocrine system on development and function of the immune system 26. INterpreting the medical literature for the rheumatologist: study design and levels of evidence 27. EThics in clinical trials Section 2: Clinical Basis of Rheumatic Disease 28. HIstory and physical examination 29. PAttern recognition in arthritis 30. ROle of laboratory tests in rheumatic disorders 31. SYnovial fluid analysis 32. MInimally invasive procedures 33. SKin in rheumatic disease 34. THe eye in rheumatic disease 35. THe heart in rheumatic disease 36. THe lung in rheumatic disease 37. GAstrointestinal tract and rheumatic disease 38. THe kidney and rheumatic disease 39. THe nervous system in rheumatic disease Section 3: Evaluation: Imaging Techniques 40. COnventional radiography and computed tomography 41. FUnctional magnetic resonance imaging 42. MUsculoskeletal ultrasound 43. BOne scintigraphy and positron emission tomography 44. DUal x-ray absorptiometry and measurement of bone 45. USe of imaging as an outcome measure in rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis in clinical trials Section 4: Principles of Management 46. ARthritis patient education, health promotion, and team approaches to management 47. PRinciples of rehabilitation: physical and occupational therapy 48a. COmplementary and alternative medicine 48b. PLacebos, Caring and Healing in Rheumatology 49. DRug Development 50. NOn-pharmacologic pain management 51. PHarmacogenomics in rheumatology 52. PRinciples of opioid treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain 53. NOn-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs 54. SYstemic glucocorticoids in rheumatology 55. NOnimmunosuppresive disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs 56. MEthotrexate 57. LEflunomide 58. IMmunosuppressives: cyclosporine, cyclophosphamide, azathioprine, mycophenolate mofetil 59. T-cell costimulation and other directed therapies 60. B-Cell depletion 61. CYtokine neutralizers: interleukin-1 inhibitors 62. INterleukin-6 Inhibition 63. TUmor necrosis factor blocking therapies 64. KInase inhibition: a new therapeutic principle in rheumatology 65. EMerging therapeutic targets: GM-CSF, IL-17and IL-23 66. BIosimilars in Rheumatology 67. INfections and biologic therapy in rheumatoid arthritis: an update on risk and prevention 68. DRugs and pregnancy 69. ASpiration and injection of joints and periarticular tissues and intralesional therapy 70. PErioperative care of patients with rheumatic disease Section 5: Regional and Widespread Pain 71. NEck pain 72. LUmbar spine disorders 73. THe shoulder 74. THe elbow 75. THe wrist and hand 76. THe hip 77. THe knee 78. THe ankle and foot 79. THe temporomandibular joint 80. FIbromyalgia and related syndrome 81. ENtrapment neuropathies and com

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