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Volume 1 Foundational Issues Contributors xi Foreword xx Anne Harrington Preface xxiii Part I Domains of Concepts, Th eories, and Treatments 1 1 Depression in Chronic Physical Illness: A Behavioral Medicine Approach 3 Golan Shahar, Dana Lassri, and Patrick Luyten 2 Non-adherence to Medical Treatment 23 Christian P. SElinger and Andrew Robinson 3 Placebo and Nocebo Effects 36 Elisa Carlino and Fabrizio Benedetti 4 A Stage Approach to Enhancing Adherence to Treatment 58 Janice M. PRochaska and James O. PRochaska Part II Common Medical Problems 77 5 Promoting Physical Activity for the Management of Obesity 79 Tony Morris and Melissa Moore 6 Cancer-related Fatigue 105 Benjamin J. HAssan and Maíra P. O. CAmpos 7 Transition from Pediatric- to Adult-focused Healthcare in Young Adults with Chronic Medical Conditions 124 Michele Herzer Maddux, Hillary VanSlyke, and Sandra Cortina 8 Assessment and Non-pharmacological Management of Pain in Children with Burns 143 Narisa Damanhuri and Stuart Enoch 9 Cognitive Behavioral Interventions in Children with Functional Abdominal Pain and Irritable Bowel Syndrome 155 Julie Snyder and Samuel Nurko Part III Doctors and Patients 175 10 Patients' Perceived Control over Th eir Disorder 177 Amir Al-Dabagh and Steven R. FEldman 11 Anger Control and Cardiovascular Disease 187 Ari Haukkala 12 Using Evidence-Based Practice to Improve Healthcare Quality and Patient Outcomes 203 Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk and Lynn Gallagher-Ford Part IV Behavioral Technologies in Theory and Treatment 221 13 Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Sleep Disorders in Children and Adolescents 223 Donna B. PIncus, R. MEredith Elkins, Courtney Weiner, and Christina Hardway 14 50 Years of Hypnosis in Healthcare 251 Mark B. WEisberg 15 Neurofeedback and Brain-Computer Interfaces 275 Sarah Wyckoff and Niels Birbaumer 16 Electromyographic (EMG) Biofeedback in the Treatment of Pelvic Floor Disorders 313 Bruce Mehler and Katharine M. LArsson 17 Biofeedback in Psychocardiology: Measuring and Managing Changes of Heart 339 Jade M. DYer Part V Assessment and Methodology 353 18 Psychometric Developments in Psychosocial Assessment in Behavioral Medicine Settings 355 Michael H. ANtoni and Theodore Millon 19 Motivational Interviewing 406 Moira Sim, Eric Khong, and Gary Hulse 20 Ecological Momentary Assessment in Behavioral Medicine: Research and Practice 429 Megan L. RObbins and Th omas Kubiak 21 The Interrelationship Between Behavior Analysis and Behavioral Medicine 447 Nicole M. DAvis and R. W. MAguire 22 Psychological Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome 462 Sarah E. QUinton and Laurie Keefer Volume 2 Medical Interface Part I Health Disorders and Specialties 485 23 Psychoneuroimmunology of Interpersonal Relationships: Both the Presence/Absence of Social Ties and Relationship Quality Matter 487 Lisa M. JAremka, Heather M. DErry, and Janice K. KIecolt-Glaser 24 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Rehabilitative Treatments and Mechanisms of Change 501 Trudie Chalder 25 Pediatric Rheumatologic Disease 517 Laura Chiel and Robert Sundel 26 Non-pharmacologic Approaches to Stress-induced Infertility 530 Ameigh V. WOrley and Sarah L. BErga 27 An Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit Approach for Women Experiencing Infertility 554 Chan, Celia Hoi-yan, Chan, Cecilia Lai-wan, and Tsui, Elaine Yin-ling 28 Behavioral and Psychotherapeutic Interventions in Dermatology 570 Philip D. SHenefelt 29 Psychocardiology: Mechanisms and Management of Psychosocial and Behavioral Risk Factors in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease 593 Thomas Meyer and Christoph Herrmann-Lingen 30 Biobehavioral Interventions in Heart Failure 621 Benson M. HOffman, Andrew Sherwood, James A. BLumenthal, and Alan Hinderliter 31 Behavioral Rehabilitation Approaches in Osteoarthritis 649 Kim L. BEnnell, Tim V. WRigley, Francis J. KEefe, and Rana S. HInman 32 Behavioral Factors in Management of Asthma 679 Paul M. LEhrer, Frederick S. WAmbol

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