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Research Paper (postgraduate) from the year 2018 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: Public International Law and Human Rights, grade: 80, University of Canberra (School of Management, Faculty of Business, Government & Law), course: Master of Business Administration, language: English, abstract: The politically and economically turmoiled countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Burma and Myanmar in recent years continue to face conflicts and insecurity arising from civil and military wars, the numbers of displaced people from these nations continue to grow and the most likely host nation has been normally Australia. 2015-2016 statistics show that Australia has been settling refugees in its various states. REfugee Council of Australia's studies show that Australia currently hosts over 740,000 refugees and humanitarian migrants settled by Australia since its federation which have significant impacts in enhancing the nation's social, cultural and economic life. IN the case of Australia, the main question that most people keep on asking is whether these refugees are an economic burden or entrepreneurial opportunity for Australian nation. WHile those who oppose the presence of refugees in Australia argue that these refugees cost the Australian government a significant funding in their settlement. IT has also been observed that upon a successful integration into the host countries, the refugees enable themselves to make transitional and transformational changes into new society. THe refugees help to make host nations' cultural, more diverse and enrich social and humanitarian values by projecting multiculturalism into the hosting societies. REfugees most often bring amazing strengths, knowledge, wisdom, resilience, and lived histories to their newly settled lives. REfugee also bring with them their own skills and capabilities and an eagerness to contribute and give back to the hosting communities who welcome them. REfugees who settled in Australia represent a very diverse group of several nations with varying beliefs, cultures, qualifications, skills, family structure and norms. SOme have been professionals in their native countries and some might be struggling individuals. HOwever, irrespective of their basic qualification and professional background, they often accept new trades and challenges to grow and permanent settle in their new hosting countries. FOr example, some belong to academia as teachers strengthening translations in multiple languages of local knowledge and cultures exchanges. WHile many other refugees have been seen to actively contribute as lawyers, actors, doctors, nurses, artists, hairdressers, social workers, community workers and public servants etc.

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