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Dave Brubeck CD 1 Dave Brubeck Octet 1. THe Way You Look Tonight (Kern/Fields) 2. LOve Walked in (Gershwin/Gershwin) 3. WHat Is This Thing Called Love (Porter) 4. SEptember in the Rain (Dubin/Warren) 5. PRelude (Van Kriedt) 6. FUgue On Bob Themes (Van Kriedt) 7. LEts Fall in Love (Arlen/Koehler) 8. IPca (Smith) 9. HOw High the Moon (Hamilton/Lewis) 10. SErenade Suite (Van Kriedt) 11. PLayland At the Beach (Brubeck) 12. PRisoners Song (Massey) 13. SChizophrenic Scherzo (Smith) 14. ROndo (Brubeck) 15. I HEar a Rhapsody (Fragos/Baker/Bard/Gasparre) 16. YOu Go to My Head (Coots/Gillespie) 17. LAura (Raskin/Mercer) 18. CLosing Theme (Brubeck) Dave Brubeck (piano) Paul Desmond (alto sax)Bob Collins (baritone sax) David Van Kriedt (tenor sax) Bill Smith (clarinet) Dick Collins (trumpet) Jack Weeks (bass) Cal Tjader (drums) Recorded in San Francisco 1946/1947/1948/1950 CD 2 Dave Brubeck Trio 1. YOu Stepped Out of a Dream (Brown/Kahn) 2. LUllaby in Rhythm (Hirsch/Goodman) 3. SInging in the Rain (Freed/Brown/Kelly) 4. ILl Rember April (DePaul/Johnston/Raye) 5. BOdy & Soul (Heyman/Eyton/Green/Sour) 6. LEts Fall in Love (Porter) 7. LAura (Raskin/Mercer) 8. INdiana (Hanley) 9. BLue Moon (Rodgers/Hart) 10. TEa For Two (Youmans) 11. UNdecided (Shavers/Robin) 12. THat Old Black Magic (Arlen) Dave Brubeck (piano) Cal Tjader (vibes, drums, percussion) Ron Crotty (bass) Recorded in San Francisco, 1950 Jazz At Oberlin The Dave Brubeck Quartet 13. THese Foolish Things (Marvell/Strachey/ Link) 14. PErdido (Tizol) 15. STardust (Carmichael/Parish) 16. THe Way You Look Tonight (Kern/Fields) 17. HOw High the Moon (Hamilton/Lewis) Dave Brubeck (piano) Paul Desmond (alto sax) Lloyd Davis (drums) Ron Crotty (bass) Recorded in Oberlin (College) March 2, 1953 CD 3 Brubeck Time 1. AUdrey (Brubeck/Desmond) 2. JEepers Creepers (Mercer/Warren) 3. PEnnies from Heaven (Burke/Johnston) 4. WHy Do I Love You? (Kern/Hammerstein) 5. STompin' for Mili (Brubeck/Desmond) 6. KEepin' Out of Mischief Now (Razaf/Waller) 7. A FIne Romance (Kern/Fields) 8. BRother, Can You Spare a Dime? (Harburg/Gorney) Dave Brubeck (piano) Paul Desmond (alto sax) Joe Dodge (drums) Bob Bates (bass) Recorded in New York, October 12-14, November 10, 1954 Plays and Plays and Plays 9. SWeet Cleo Brown (Brubeck) 10. IM Old Fashioned (Kern/Mercer) 11. LOve Is Here to Stay (Gershwin/Gershwin) 12. INdian Summer (Herbert/Dubin) 13. IN Search of a Theme (Brubeck) 14. YOud Be So Nice to Come Home To (Porter) 15. I SEe Your Face Before Me (Dietz/Schwartz) 16. THey Say Its Wonderful (Berlin) 17. IMagination (Van Heusen/Burke) Dave Brubeck (piano) Recorded in Oakland, February 8, 1957 CD 4 Time Out 1. BLue Rondo a La Turk (Brubeck) 2. STrange Meadow Lark (Brubeck) 3. TAke Five (Desmond) 4. THree to Get Ready (Brubeck) 5. KAthys Waltz (Brubeck) 6. EVerybodys Jumpin' (Brubeck) 7. PIck Up Sticks (Brubeck) Dave Brubeck (piano) Paul Desmond (alto sax) Joe Morello (drums) Gene Wright (bass) Recorded in New York, June/July/August 1959 Jazz At the Blackhawk 8. JEepers Creepers (Warren/Mercer) 9. ON a Little Street in Singapore (Hill/DeRose) 10. THe Trolley Song (Martin/Blane) Rehearsal 11. THe Trolley Song (Martin/Blane) 12. I MAy Be Wrong (Ruskin/Sullivan) 13. BLue Moon (Rodgers/Hart) 14. MY Heart Stood Still (Rodgers/Hart) 15. LEts Fall in Love (Arlen/Koehler) Dave Brubeck (piano) Paul Desmond (alto sax) Lloyd Davis (drums) Ron Crotty (bass) Bill Ruther (bass) Recorded in San Francisco/Hollywood/Los Angeles, September 1952/ February 1953 CD 5 Dave Digs Disney 1. ALice in Wonderland (Fain/Hilliard) 2. GIve a Little Whistle (Harline/Washington) 3. HEigh-Ho! (Churchill/Morey) 4. WHen You Wish Upon a Star (Harline/Washington) 5. SOme Day My Prince Will Come (Churchill/Morey) 6. ONe Song (Churchill/Morey) Dave Brubeck (piano) Paul Desmond (alto sax) Norman Bates (bass) Joe Morello (drums) Recorded in Jun

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    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2014
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