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George Bernard Shaw observed that the reasonable man adapts himself to the world while the unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. In The Age of Unreason, Charles Handy shows that today we need more unreasonable men and women. In an era when change is constant, random, and, as Handy calls it, discontinuous, it is necessary to bread out of old ways of thinking in order to use change to our advantage. We are entering the Age of Unreason, when the only prediction that will hold true is that no prediction will hold true. It is time for bold imaginings, for thinking the unlikely, and doing the unreasonable. Handy shows how dramatic changes are transforming businesses, education, and the nature of work. We can see them in astounding new developments in technology, in the shift in demand from manual to cerebral skills, and in the virtual disappearance of lifelong, full-time jobs. Handy maintains that discontinuous change requires discontinuous, upside-down thinking. We need new kinds of organizations, new approaches to work, new types of schools, and new ideas about the nature of our society.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano:  1990
    • País de Produção: United States
    • Código de Barras:  9780071032865
    • ISBN:  007103286X
    • Encadernação:  CAPA DURA
    • Complemento:  NENHUM
    • Nº de Páginas:  240

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