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    X-Men 2: Gamesmaster's Legacy was released in 1994 on the Sega Game Gear system. THe game starts off with Cyclops and Storm as playable X-Men, although Wolverine, Gambit, Rogue, Bishop, Jean Grey, and Cable can be unlocked later on. THe game is loosely based on the X-Cutioner s Song storyline that took place in the comics. THe Legacy Virus is annihilating mutantkind and the Gamesmaster is holding the key. HE offers the X-Men a chance to play his game and win the secret, but he also offers the same to their arch-enemies with the added satisfaction of destroying the X-Men. THe X-Men must split up to find the cure or perish forever. THe game is split up into two parts, with 5 stages in the first part where you rescue the missing X-Men, and 3 stages in the second part. THe bosses include Trevor Fitzroy, Shinobi Shaw, Siena Blaze, Fabian Cortez, Exodus (all of whom are in the first part), and Apocalypse, Mister Sinister, and Stryfe.

    Detalhes do Produto

      • Ano:  2010
      • País de Produção: Germany
      • Código de Barras:  9786130549831
      • ISBN:  6130549830
      • Encadernação:  BROCHURA
      • Nº de Páginas:  156

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